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When God reaches out to you, will you take his hand?

St. Peter and St. Paul aspires to be a place where those seeking spiritual direction can come, consider, and test the claims of Jesus Christ in a gracious and friendly environment. We take our Christianity seriously, but desire that people would "come as they are" feeling welcome to question and search.

As a church we value the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and His teaching on the Kingdom of God as first things. These first things help us discern and prioritize how we live out our faith, encourage one another as family, and reach out to others around us. As followers of Jesus we believe that we are still a mess, but that through the Holy Spirit we are continually being forgiven and transformed through His grace.

In the end, Jesus was not sent to earth for those who think that they have it all together, but for those who know that they are in need... for those bent over with the burdens of life.


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